Injured Workers Rally and March

Please see invitation below. If interested in attending, please notify the Union Office. Thank you!

Dear Brothers and Sisters at OPSEU Local 329 (Waypoint),

Greetings from the Ontario Network of Injured Workers’ Groups (ONIWG) and the organizing committee for the 35th annual Injured Workers’ Day. We are writing to you because we are in the midst of planning a rally and march for this year’s Injured Workers’ Day on June 1st and we are seeking endorsements and participation from our friends and allies.

The same structures of austerity that are threatening our public services and social support programs across the board are also having a devastating effect in the workers’ compensation system. For the past several years, the WSIB has been narrowly focused on cutting its own costs, and it has done so by slashing compensation to injured workers.

But injured workers are not staying silent. In the fall of 2017, ONIWG launched a province-wide campaign called Workers’ Comp is a Right. Injured worker groups from all corners of the province are organizing around the campaign, and are making their voices heard.

The rally and march on June 1st is a major opportunity to show our strength and resilience right before the provincial election. It will be a broad-based, energetic, and colourful event. In this spirit, we are asking if OPSEU Local 329 (Waypoint) would like to endorse the rally and march. Please let Aidan at or 416-461-2411 know if you would like to add your union to our list of endorsers.

If you’re able to endorse, we’ll soon be sending you a callout and flyer for the rally. It would be much appreciated if you could post these on your website and circulate them to your membership and networks.

Thanks very much for your support, and we look forward to seeing you at Injured Workers’ Day.

In solidarity,

Willy Noiles

ONIWG President

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