Hi, my name is Sandra Cadeau, I am one of the three mobilizers in this region, working with the Executive Board members to promote member participation in the June 7th election and to promote and protect our public sector.

I’m sending this email from OPSEU to make sure members have all the information they need to make an informed decision in the June 7 election.

We’re asking members to vote for the party that supports public services and is anti-privatization. In our view, that party is the NDP. We are urging everyone who values public services to vote for Andrea Horwath and the NDP, the only choice for progressive voters.

We need to stop Doug Ford and his cuts to public services.

Your vote is very important. By all accounts, this election will be very close and Doug Ford would be extremely bad for the services we provide.

Thanks for your time. Please don’t forget to go out and vote. If every single OPSEU member votes, and makes public services the focus of their vote, we can make a real difference on June 7.

Sandra Cadeau

OPSEU Mobilizer Region 3

Please click here to view a platform comparison chart

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