2019 Vacation Credits Extension

Hi All,

Current Collective Agreements and Working Conditions (OPSEU, AMAPCEO,

MGMT/Non-Union, MSA) allow staff to carry over up to one (1) year's annual

vacation allotment. Anything in excess of this allotment is paid out at the

end of each calendar year.

In recognition of the very difficult year we have all come though, and the

fact that many staff had vacations cancelled and/or were unable to take time

off due to increased operational demands, we will be allowing all eligible

staff to carry over two (2) extra weeks' vacation into their 2021 banks.

Eligible staff in this context refers to those who will have more than their

one (1) year annual vacation allotment banked as of December 31st, 2020.

This carry over will apply for 2021 only, with Collective Agreement/Working

Condition language being reinstated at year end.

If eligible staff wish to still receive their excess vacation paid out in

accordance with Collective Agreement/Working Condition provisions, they are

asked to contact payroll via

payroll@waypointcentre.ca<mailto:payroll@waypointcentre.ca> by Jan 8th to

make those arrangements.


Jon Kytayko, Hons B.A, MHRM, CHRP, CHRL

Manager, Human Resources Operations

Human Resources Operations Department - Human Resources & Organizational

Development Division Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care

500 Church Street

Penetanguishene ON L9M 1G3

Phone: (705) 549-3181 ext. 2287

Fax: (705) 549-5084

Email: jkytayko@waypointcentre.ca

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