Response to Management's Memo Re: Sick Notes for Weekend Sick Calls

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In response to Terry McMahon’s memo dated August 15, 2019 indicating management will be requiring staff who call in sick on weekend shifts (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) to obtain a sick note from their doctor, it is our opinion that this is abuse of Article 30.10 of the Collective Agreement where it speaks to management having the right to request sick notes if they suspect abuse of sick time. We believe that by painting everyone with the same brush and expecting everyone calling in sick, whether abuse is suspected or not, is an unnecessary arbitrary decision.

I have had a conversation with our OPSEU Staff Rep from Orillia about this issue this morning and the Local will be filing a Policy grievance. I attempted to discuss their decision with Human Resources today, unfortunately there wasn’t anyone in the department. I will be attempting again first thing Monday morning.

In the meantime, the Union is encouraging all members to follow management’s direction and obtain a sick note calling in sick for shifts worked on the weekend, submit a claim to be reimbursed for any fees (Hospital will cover the cost of sick notes they request) and of course, file a grievance.

Anyone wishing to file a grievance may do so by contacting the Union Office at extension 2324.

In Solidarity,

Pete Sheehan

President OPSEU Local 329

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