As you know, there has been rapid movement in the last few days for vaccination of Waypoint staff. The opportunities for you to get the Pfizer vaccine are continuing to expand, and we have now been notified that we have 591 spots currently available this week for Waypoint staff. This is exciting and great news and we want to ensure that we can fill all of these spots. We know there is additional vaccine also coming in the next few weeks, which will open up more opportunities for our staff.


Vaccine bookings are now available for all Waypoint staff.

* These appointments are strictly reserved for hospital personnel.

* Spouses, children and friends will not receive a vaccination and should not attend the Vaccination Centre.

Staff are eligible if:

* They are a current active staff (not on a leave of absence of any kind)

* They have not been previously infected with COVID-19

* Are not currently under self-isolation as a case of COVID-19 or a high-risk contact of a case of COVID-19

At this time the vaccine is not indicated for:

* Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding;

* Those under 16 years of age;

* Those who are immunosuppressed due to disease or treatment

* Have received any other vaccine in the last 14 days

***Note: with physician consultation and agreement prior to your appointment, people with an auto-immune disorder or an allergy that requires an EpiPen may be eligible to receive the vaccine.


* Barrie Immunization Clinic, 29 Sperling Drive (in the same building as RVH's COVID Testing Centre in the former police station)

* Due to the temperature sensitivity of the vaccine, at this time the vaccine is being administered at only one location in the region.


* Staff are now able to book their appointment directly via the following link:

* Appointment bookings are available as early as tomorrow (Monday) morning.

* In particular, we are encouraging our Horizon Program staff and all direct care, patient-facing staff to book these first spots, however we want to fill the spots so others should take advantage of openings. Our leaders will be following up with staff tomorrow to help answer questions.

Once you book your appointment, you must:

* Bring your hospital ID badge

* Bring the completed Consent Form to your appointment (attached to this e-mail)

* Retain your immunization documents from the clinic for future Occupational Health and Wellness records


* If you receive the vaccine, we ask that you inform us by e-mailing<> with the subject line "VACCINE RECEIVED"

* We will add your name to our list of vaccinated staff

* Your status will be stored in the Occupational Health Department, and will not be shared


* Staff should be reminded to wear a face-covering to the immunization clinic and not attend if, on the day of their appointment, they are symptomatic as they will not be vaccinated.

* If staff choose to travel together to the clinic, they should wear appropriate personal protective equipment, including a medical mask and eye protection in the vehicle.

* Please note that individuals will be actively screened at the clinic, and if they fail the screen for any reason, they will be asked to reschedule their appointment.

* You can book only one appointment

* The appointment in your name cannot be transferred to another individual

* Do not bring a colleague or family member to your appointment. This vaccine opportunity is for hospital employees and credentialed staff who have an appointment. No drop-ins allowed.


Attached you will find additional information to assist you in making your decision:

1. Vaccination Fact Sheet

2. Vaccination Consent Form (You will need to bring a completed consent form to the clinic on the day of their appointment)

3. Remember, you will need to receive two doses of this vaccine, approximately 21 days apart.

* Be assured, the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is safe, however, minor side effects may include a sore arm, or mild cold/flu like symptoms for a day or so after it is administered.

4. additional information regarding the vaccine is available at the SMDHU COVID Vaccine and Immunization webpage<>, and the Ontario government's recent Rollout of COVID-19 Vaccine News Release<>.


* If staff vaccination appointments coincide with pre-scheduled work hours, staff will be paid for their required time away from the facility (e.g. travel to and from clinic)

* If staff vaccination appointments fall outside of regular work hours, staff will not be paid to attend the clinic.


I recognize this is short notice, and some might find this decision difficult. Everybody has their own response to these types of decisions, and I want to encourage you to care for yourself if you are struggling. I'd like to remind you of the following psychological supports that are in place.

* COVID Frontline Wellness (<>)

Although the vaccine is voluntary, Waypoint Centre and public health highly encourage employees and credentialed staff to be immunized against COVID-19. Doing your part by getting vaccinated will protect people's lives and help Canada recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are sharing information with staff as quickly as we become aware of it and your are asked to pay close attention to email over the coming hours and days. For team members concerned about existing health or medical conditions that may prevent them from receiving the vaccine, I recommend that you wait until more clarity is provided from the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit to local physicians later this week, and then check with your health provider before booking an appointment.

This is a great opportunity being made available to our staff. We can make a significant difference for our patients, Waypoint and the community in stopping the spread. Thank you to everyone for responding quickly.

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