Get your cameras ready. We wanna see those pumpkins and costumes!

The Social Committee has 4 x $25 gift cards to give away. There are 2 contests to enter. We will be giving away 1 prize for members and 1 prize for members' children for each contest:

1. Pumpkin carving/decorating

2. Costumes

To enter, simply snap a photo of your pumpkin and/or your costume and post it under the appropriate post on our Facebook page or you can email pics to opseulocal329@gmail.com and we can post them for you.

Contest is open to current members and current members' children only (up to 18 years old).

Max 1 entry per pumpkin pic but you can submit a pic of each member and child's pumpkin. So you cannot submit a photo of 1 pumpkin and say 2 or more people worked on it for multiple entries. Sorry.

You can post a pic with all of your kids or multiple members in costume in it but please let us know who they are so they each get a number otherwise only 1 number will be given.

Contests close Monday November 1st at 5 p.m.

Live will be done as soon as possible afterwards.

Good luck!

Happy Halloween!!!

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