Scavenger Hunt Clues

Box 1: What year was OPSEU founded? (Hint: the numbers are all odd and none repeat)

Box 2: What does the acronym OPSEU stand for?

Box 3: Get the signature of a Social Committee member or Union Steward (stewards and committee members cannot sign their own sheet)

Box 4: What is our Regional Office's address?

Box 5: As OPSEU members we are eligible for a few different discount programs. Name 2 of them.

Box 6: When do the current Collective Agreements for Waypoint and Honeywell expire (need both expiry dates)

*unfortunately the website doesn't have the current CA for Honeywell so the date that appears there or the actual current expiry date will be accepted*

Box 7: What email address do you have to email to register for the upcoming elections?

Box 8: OPSEU is divided into multiple "regions" across the Province. Which Region are we? (Hint: the first number of every local indicates it's region)

Box 9: Where is the Local Union Office located (building and room #)?

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