Update re: Horizon

Here are the key messages based on Carolyn's information - Mike to confirm if testing is ending at 2 pm or 2:30 pm.

· The outbreak will be declared over when the assessment by the Health Unit determines we can be reasonably sure there have been no new staff or patient cases for 14 days and there has been no chance of transmission for a full 14 days on the unit.

· This assessment is supported by frequent testing of patients and staff throughout the outbreak to ensure there are no asymptomatic cases.

· It is very important that all staff who have been on Horizon are tested every three to four days during the outbreak to ensure there is no further transmission.

· The Health Unit is also strongly recommending that testing of all staff is completed 4 days before the end of the outbreak to further ensure there are no missed cases.

· Testing is available on Upper Bayfield Monday to Friday 6:30 am to 2 pm and can also be arranged at anytime by speaking with the clinical leaders - JoAnn, Sue or Pat.

· If you have been tested at the Assessment Centre please ensure Occupational Health has a record of your swab result.

· We know staff have also asked if work self isolation will end when the outbreak is declared over. The Health Unit confirmed today that when the outbreak is over the requirement for work self-isolation is also over. As there has been no chance for transmission for 14 days, staff and operations can go back to routine pandemic processes and staff are able to return home and to family life.

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